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Valor Shaving Soap in Box (Woodsman)

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Valor Organics Shaving Soap provides an excellent shave for even the heaviest beard! This hand made shaving puck provides beautiful organic products with zero nasties, in a box with a tips card inside. What more could a man want?

Using Organic oils as their base (Australian Olive oil is the main ingredient plus Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil) this beautiful shaving soap also contains Organic Avocado, Rice Bran and Castor Bean oils plus Organic unrefined Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera juice and Creamy Kaolin Clay with their signature blends of pure essential oils.

Soap puck weight = 100g min

So what’s the Woodsman Scent? The pure essential oils used in the Woodsman are reminiscent of the forest and smokey evenings with Cedarwood, Bergamot, Lemon Myrtle, Oakmoss, Juniper Berry, Cade and Madagascan Vanilla. Delicious!

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Olive oil soap is the most famous of soaps – well known as Castile Soap in Spain and Italy and Marseille Soap in France. Traditionally soap could only called Castile if it was made from all or predominantly Olive oil.  Unfortunately, these days in Europe much of what is sold as “Castile” or “Marseille Soap”, has Palm oil added to it or is even mostly made from Palm Oil!

Valor Organic Shaving soap contain a blend of around 72-76% Organic Olive Oil with added cold pressed Organic Coconut Oil (from a single island plantation in Fiji, of wild grown coconuts) plus additions of Certified Organic Castor Bean, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Australian cold pressed Avocado Oil. Every recipe has slightly different ingredients and qualities of course. Our formulas provide a soap that is gentle on skin and the environment…oh, and it lathers beautifully and lasts as well!

Their recipe provides a shaving soap that makes a fine rather than a big lather (like a cross between a shaving cream and a gel) that will give great glide and provide a smooth shave. If you have been using a chemical laden product, try using Valor for a week and feel the difference.

So what’s the end result? An Organic, gentle product that provides an excellent shave. It leaves skin feeling really good.

Is it perfect? Well that’s a big claim and we cant speak for every man on the planet…but the men who tried it keep coming back for more!

Psssssst… Ladies… it’s also good for us too!


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