Omega Shaving Brush

//Omega Shaving Brush

Omega Shaving Brush


A pure boar bristle shaving brush for those who enjoy a firmer bristle when shaving or a good beginners brush. Made By renowned Italian shaving brush company, Omega.

Product Description

The Omega boar bristle shaving brush is a firm little bristle brush for those just starting out or for those who just like a firm bristle!

So why use a shaving brush?
Firstly the shaving brush helps to infuse your shaving soap with the water, creating a richer lather. Secondly, when you’re applying the shaving cream to your face, you’re gently exfoliating your skin and removing dry cells so that your face is healthy and soft (see and you said you didn’t have a beauty routine?!).
Finally, a shaving brush helps to lift and soften the hair so that you can get the closest shave possible.


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