Gardening has been something my family has always enjoyed. It is relaxing, great exercise and cheap way to provide good, healthy food for your family with just a little effort and lots of love and care. It is a place that my daughter has loved since she was only a few weeks old and it has a very calming effect on her. There is something very grounding about feeling the earth between your fingers, smelling the beautiful aromas that come from your herbs and having the sunshine warm on your back you as you do it! It is a place to get back to basics and appreciate mother natures incredible work and reflect on the ‘circle of life’.

Compost in 3 Easy steps!

By | January 5th, 2016|Garden|

Each year our population grows, and so does our landfill adding more and more stress on the environment.  Growing up, my grandfather (an organic farmer for 50 years) taught us to never waste a thing.  And he literally didn't waste a thing!  "Everything that comes from nature, should get returned and continue the cycle of [...]

The Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen!

By | November 7th, 2015|Garden, Health|

Every year the Environmental Working Group (EWG) in the US releases its list of the most pesticide contaminated produce - The Dirty Dozen & the Clean Fifteen¹. I find a general rule of thumb is to be careful of any fruit or vegetable where the skin is thin and consumed (i.e not peeled). For the [...]

Why buy organic?

By | November 4th, 2015|Garden, Health|

It wasn’t until I moved to the UK when I was in my early twenties that I realised how important food was (and good tasting food at that!).  I vividly remember my first trip to Tesco’s.  I spent a really long time shopping (I mean seriously, you get in and out as quickly as possible [...]