Providing good nutrition, pure clean water and a chance to get in touch with nature will give your baby/child the best start in life. It is so important in today’s environment that we take the time and care to set their little immune systems up for life. The articles here hope to give you some food for thought, and perhaps provide some inspiration for trying something different and learning something new.

Essential Oils for Babies & Children

By | February 4th, 2016|Baby, Health|

Essential oils can provide wonderful support for your child through every lump, bump and illness. They provide amazing physical and emotional benefits for our kids.  As they are natural compounds without any chemicals added, they are safer than a lot of over the counter remedies and products, particularly when they are used correctly.  I like [...]

Essential Oils: Changing lives one drop at a time

By | December 7th, 2015|Baby, Health, Sanctuary|

Essential oils have been used around the world by many cultures for centuries.  The Egyptians used balsams, perfumed oils, scented barks, resins, spices and aromatic vinegars in everyday life dating back to 4500 BCE. They used essential oils and pastes from plants to make pills, powders, suppositories, medicinal cakes and ointments.  Likewise, the Chinese, Greeks, Romans, [...]

My top tips for Breastfeeding

By | November 26th, 2015|Baby, Health|

Before I had my daughter, I had know idea how controversial breastfeeding could be. It seems that this humble topic attracts commentary from all angles and even makes headline news these days when a Mum is asked to coverup or remove herself from a public place! Over the years, I have had a few friends [...]