I can honestly say I have certainly tried my fair share of blenders over the years in search of the right blender with the right price tag! My husband has joked that our hallway cupboard was the “Blender Graveyard” where all the ones that “didn’t make the grade” used to go to see out their final years before they were finally set free and given away to someone more deserving (makes me sound so cold and ruthless doesn’t it?!). But he is right, I certainly have put them through their paces as my tastes have changed over the years and demanded more than just a great smoothie from them.

Before our last purchase I had done a great deal of research (mainly because my husband wasn’t going to let the moths out of the wallet quite so easily this time – probably because of the seemingly perfectly good blenders already lined up in the graveyard!) into the best blender on the market. I really wanted something that would provide the ability to liquify fruit and vegetables (to retain nutrients found in the skin and pulp), create nut milks and butters, produce doughs, protein balls, grind our own flaxseed/almond meals, flours and more. I was really adamant not to spend any more than $600, and was sure there was a high performing blender out there that could do the job. Certainly what I found is that there is no need to spend big dollars on some of the high powered blenders on the market out there to get a high performance unit.

Here is a comparison of the Optimum 9200 (just one of the blenders that are currently offered in the Optimum range) with rival Vitamix.


Vitamix 5200 Optimum 9200A (Second Gen)
Motor 1,492 Watts 2,611 Watts
Speed 37,000 RPM 48,000 RPM
Grade Domestic Domestic & Commercial
Blades  4 Blade Assembly 6 Blade Assembly
Blade Quality  Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Jug applications  Separate Wet/Dry – BPA Free One Jug Wet/Dry
Warranty  7 Years Up to 10 Years (Optional +$110)
Price  $995  $479

So 6 months ago, I decided to purchase the Optimum brand for a number of reasons, but the first one (and most important to me) being the performance on offer for the price.  I have put this machine through it’s paces, even making my own Nutella (which for those who have done it is not a simple process and requires a bit of time to get a beautiful smooth consistency from roasted hazelnuts!) and it has not faltered once.  There is even a Youtube video of the Optimum 9400 grinding up paving stones? I’m not kidding! Check it out below (I don’t recommend you try this!). These machines are seriously high powered.

Whilst the only downside I can find with the unit is it’s base size (I guess you need to put that big, high powered motor somewhere right? And it ain’t going to be in a tiny box!), it would certainly not be enough to stop me from shouting from the roof tops on what a fantastic product this truly is.

So if you are looking to rock your healthy world with a high powered blender you can’t go past a Optimum 9200 or a Optimum 9400 for best value for money!