There are many things that impact our journey through life and alter the path we may or may not decide to take.   No path has been more confusing to me than the path of natural health and health care. There are so many experts, so many reviews and literally thousands of products out there claiming to change your life, but deliver little or no return for your money. Believe me… I have tried a lot, I mean…a LOT over the years. The Health industry continues to boom and of course with any boom come those free loaders, with unfounded claims of miracle cures and natural health products that just don’t live up to their expectations.

In my pursuit of healthy products I’ve become the sceptic (my wife would argue that I am a sceptic with everything!) of all sceptics, driven by broken promises and the constant lightening of my hip pocket. What I have learnt in recent years is that there is no substitute for quality, there are so many inferior products with poor quality ingredients and synthetic additives on the market, that it is clear that companies are out to make a quick dollar rather than provide a quality product that works, it really does make a mockery of the words ‘natural and healthy’.

I have found that as I age, I am looking more and more for natural products that can mitigate the wear and tear of past years from work and play. As my scepticism has grown this has been a big challenge, with little or no results…that is until my wife became involved in doTERRA essential oils. So as a blokey bloke you can imagine my first thoughts and conversation when my wife asked me to try essential oils for the first time.  Hahaha…yeah right, more money down the drain, what a waste!  All I thought was how could an oil (that stuff hippies use) possibly make a difference! Well, I was about to find out as there are only two options with my wife.  Her way or the high way!

So after 8 months of her pushing them on me (and me declining!) my first experience was when I had the onset of a serious flu (man flu) and was dying on my death bed when she convinced me to take a couple of drops of On Guard (doTERRA Protective Blend) in a glass of water 3 times a day. When I woke the following morning the results were somewhat hard to accept, as what I thought was going to be a weekend in bed didn’t eventuate.  Of course the “sceptic” came up with other reasons as to why the flu didn’t take hold and it had nothing to do with the essential oil!

But over the past 18 months, I’ve gone on to see the On Guard work again and again with similar results across the family, and this has slowly but surely changed my opinion and converted me into an advocate of the On Guard Oil when taken at the onset of symptoms. I travel a lot in my job and the On Guard is now part of my arsenal to fight against all sort of bugs, including the dreaded man flu!

Since experiencing results with using the On Guard, I have become open to trying other oils and have allowed my wife to use me as a guinea pig (generally how I feel when she’s experimenting!) to try and help me support my health naturally and to support my quest for aging gracefully. Over the past 2 years I have found myself becoming more and more susceptible to the pressures of working in a high stress occupation in a senior corporate job. I fell victim to stress and allowed stress and other pressures to overrun me and take control to a level where if I didn’t take back that control, something was going to give. I had tried a number of natural products on the market but with little or no result.  What I really needed and was looking for was a natural chill pill, that could keep me balanced and help me deal with those daily pressures.

My wife insisted on me trying doTERRA Frankincense and Peace blended together, what she refers to as “G’s Chill Pill”.  I accepted the challenge and started a morning  and evening routine of taking a drop of Frankincense under my tongue (2 drops daily) and also massaging a blend Frankincense and Peace into my temples, base of my scull and behind my ear lobes prior to starting my day.   The results were immediate for me.  From day one I noticed changes in my mood and my ability to deal with those previously overwhelming moments of stress and anxiety during my work day.   I even noticed my blood pressure had gone down to an all time low. I have now been using this protocol for over eight months and the results have been nothing short of amazing, it really has made a significant difference and helped me feel calmer, more relaxed and able to deal with those increased levels of stress and daily pressures.

As the barriers of scepticism have slowly fallen away (it’s taken me 2 years), essential oils have become an important part of my daily routine.  I never leave home without my key chain of my core essential oils and have found them to be my first port of call when an ailment arises. With regular travel I have found them a must in combating the nasties of which we are exposed too. During a trip to South Korea last year I found myself feeling pretty sick, suffering from the effects of some “not so fresh” delicacies.  With a 4hr wait and then an 11hr flight ahead of me I reached for my key chain (little black pouch with tiny vials of oil) and drew upon my digestive blend and peppermint oil which I took internally with water and also massaged into my stomach.   Within a couple of hours, I felt relief and had the confidence to travel well.

The more I am exposed to and learn about essential oils, the more I realise the potential in their application.  They are great for everything from supporting day to day health issues, to using them to cook with and to clean and disinfect the house with. They really are a safe, natural alternative for me and my family.

It is my opinion that each are to their own and opinions are just that, opinions… but what I have experienced over the past 18 months is that essential oils have had a positive impact on myself and my family and it is hard to dispute the results I have personally experienced and seen within my family.

Note – I do need to add, that not all essential oils are created equally.  The essential oils my wife chose for our family were doTERRA oils, and she had done a lot of research before she decided to use these oils.  They are Therapeutic Grade, and are suitable for ingestion (because of the quality and purity), but not many on the market are. So do your homework first!


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